What the clients have said.

"Having worked alongside some of the best bass players in the UK, I feel honoured to have Lorna in my band.

 She is an asset to any rhythm section, combining solid playing with creative subtlety" 

 Jill Jackson

"Lorna Thomas is cool. I say that in every sense of the word. She’s a joy to work with -

  a talented and incisive bass player/musician. She goes the extra mile with a great work ethic but is also laid back in a relaxed way. One of the best!"



" I have recorded many musicians in the studio over the years. The norm is to chat over what 'will' be played on the track, and then they make some takes (usually quite a few). My experience with Lorna was not the norm. She had done her homework, knew exactly not only what she wanted to play, but also what fitted the track, hand-in-glove. A tight bassline followed in one take with alternative parts suggested by her also captured very quickly. Lorna Thomas is an instinctive, creative, prepared and ego-less musician who will bring your tracks to life and add wonderful energy to your studio in the process.”

Al James - Songwriter/Producer



"A fine and unique musician, she can drive a rhythm section or create a sensitive solo."
Scott Charles, singer/songwriter

​​"The festival was opened by Logan's trio featuring Lorna Thomas on bass whom he introduced

  as "my lovely bass player" and whose performance was simply excellent."

  (Michael Seiz in bluesnews 68 about the  AndersWelt Guitar Night in Landstuhl, Germany)


"Lorna understands the writer's vision, therefore creates original and distinctive bass lines

  while retaining her own unique sound"

 ​​ Sandra MacBeth


"Lorna has excellent feel, timing and technical ability and was an absolute pleasure to work with

  in the studio and live"

  Donna Maciocia

​ "She's solid, grooves and rocks with the best of them!

   Love having her on stage with me and delighted she's on my latest album" 

   Willie Logan

​"Lorna is a fantastic bass player and all round gorgeous lady! She stepped in with the choir for one of our recent gigs

 and she was truly awesome. She is in high demand not only in Scotland, but also tours all over the world.

 Much respect !"

 Tracey Braithwaite – Director of the Gospel Truth Choir.

​"Lorna, thanks for joining us at short notice. The band was seriously impressed with how you seamlessly fitted

  in with our funk and jazz grooves, and
  your useful ideas will be carried forward to our next performances."

 Ralph Smith (Manager of the Retrophones)​

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