"One of the very best bassists I've worked with ... Lorna comes up with bass riffs and parts you'd never suspect and always plays for the song! A sublime musician and a genuine pleasure to work with - genius!"

Gerry Diver - Award winning producer, Musician and Composer.




Playing bass guitar since the age of 14 Lorna Thomas has formed a bass sound with elements of all her inspirations who include John Taylor, James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards, Carole Kaye and Gail Anne Dorsey to name but a few.

Lorna has earned the reputation as one of Scotland’s finest female bassist. A versatile musician and vocalist, she is in high demand for studio recording and live tours. Her individual style and personality has earned her endorsements from major companies such as Sandberg Guitars, Ashdown Amps, Elites Strings and just very recently Bassics pedals. In 2011 she was also featured in the online bass magazine ‘No Treble’ as one of the top 10 Spotlight players for that year and in 2018 saw Lorna interviewed for Bass Guitar Magazine UK & USA .

Having performed on many records, some reaching the top 10 and countless national and international tours as a session musician, Lorna has had the privilege of working with many artists and sharing the stage with great acts such as Tom Jones, Eddie Reader, Mumford and Sons, Earl Thomas, Jill Jackson, Movin’ Melvin Brown, Linda MacRae, The Humpff Family, Horse MacDonald, The L Project, Sandra MacBeth, Kirsten Adamson, Caroline Gilmour and award winning Blues Guitarist Willie Logan playing at festivals such as T in the Park, Glastonbury, Belladrum, Celtic Connections to name a few.


Drawing on her versatile musical background and extensive studio experience, Lorna’s natural emphasis on recording and performing brings out the unique qualities in each artist she works with.

Being endorsed by Ashdown Lorna has several amps at hand to suit any occasion.

RM-800-EVO Head





MAG 150 SpeakerMAG 300 Head


Ida Nielsen signature bass’s made by Sandberg Guitars


Yamaha BB2005 Bass


1978 Fender Precision


Elites S t r i n g s


Double bass

" I have recorded many musicians in the studio over the years. The norm is to chat over what 'will' be played on the track, and then they make some takes (usually quite a few). My experience with Lorna was not the norm. She had done her homework, knew exactly not only what she wanted to play, but also what fitted the track, hand-in-glove. A tight bassline followed in one take with alternative parts suggested by her also captured very quickly. Lorna Thomas is an instinctive, creative, prepared and ego-less musician who will bring your tracks to life and add wonderful energy to your studio in the process.”


Al James - Songwriter/Producer 

Lorna Thomas Bass Guitar Magazine Front Cover
LornyT Interview Bass Guitar Magazine 20

"Having worked alongside some of the best bass players in the UK, I feel honoured to have Lorna in my band. She is an asset to any rhythm section, combining solid playing with creative subtlety"


Jill Jackson - Singer/Songwriter

Ex Speedway


"Lorna is a fantastic bass player and all round gorgeous lady! She stepped in with the choir for one of our recent gigs and she was truly awesome. She is in high demand not only in Scotland, but tours all over the world.  Much respect ! "


Tracey Braithwaite – Director of the Gospel Truth Choir.

"The festival was opened by Logan's trio featuring Lorna Thomas on bass whom he introduced as "my lovely bass player" and whose performance was simply excellent."


(Michael Seiz in bluesnews 68 about the AndersWelt Guitar Night in Landstuhl, Germany)

Lorna is endorsed by

Lorna Thomas is an instinctive, creative, prepared and ego-less musician who will bring your tracks to life and add wonderful energy to your studio in the process.”


Al James - Songwriter/Producer

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